Halloween as a big kid

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Halloween-For-Big-KidsWhat age did you stop trick-or-treating? Honestly, I never wanted to stop. Well, I stopped when I was able to buy as much candy as I wanted to eat, but when I was a kid it was a different story.

I don’t remember every single Halloween during my childhood. I do remember being in high school and I was probably 15 or 16 years old when my friends and I took someone’s little brother and/or sister trick or treating basically as a front so we could get some candy.  At least, that’s what I was thinking at the time. I wasn’t being a good kid by doing something nice for someone. I wanted a legitimate reason to gather candy from strangers while wearing a costume and not look like a weirdo.

Fine. I did that a couple of times, You can see the photo above. I’m in the middle. I’m probably 14 or 15. My sister is two years younger than me so she’s still in allowable trick-or-treating age. My cousin (she’s my age) and I dressed up like cats. We probably just bought the ears down at Long’s (before it was CVS) a day or two before and found black clothing to complete the outfit.

It’s tough to be a teenager, especially if you’re 14 or 15. You’re too old for kids stuff, but too young for adult stuff. You feel like a kid, but look like an adult, sort of. What are you supposed to do? It’s Halloween! You want to trick-or-treat, but adults look at you like you’re bringing them the plague or might kick in the Jack O’Lantern on their porch.

Have a party? Yeah, no. Aside from the fact that I don’t really like parties, my mom didn’t need that hassle. Plus, and most importantly, Halloween is my sister’s birthday, so if anyone was going to have a party, it would be her and rightly so.

This is why I’m OK with teenagers trick-or-treating. If they have some sort of a costume on, I’ll give them candy.  They’re just kids caught in a weird time of life. Plus, it’s just candy.

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