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>Another decade is about to start.  No one seems to be mentioning that in the various media outlets.  We survived through the first decade of the new millennium.  Some people think it will end in 2012. 

Like I’ve been saying, if the world is going to end (which I highly doubt), it’s not going to happen on a nice clean date like December 21, 2012.  It’ll be some random Tuesday or Wednesday that has no bearing on anything.  But, I’ll probably win the lottery and get married before that happens.  The odds of any of those things happening are about the same.  I did the math last week.  It wasn’t pretty.

This new decade makes me hopeful.  Sure, there will be sadness, but there will also be excitement and joy.  There will be new discoveries, new things to be happy about, new advances in our society even if it seems like all hell’s breaking loose sometimes.  Each decade before has had similar vibes.  Why should the next one be any different?

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