>Don’t fall for the Great Pumpkin

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Everything I need to know about relationships, I learned from Sally Brown. Who is Sally Brown? You might know her as Charlie Brown’s little sister.

Specifically, listen to her diatribe from It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown:

I spent the whole night waiting for the Great Pumpkin, when I could have been out for tricks or treats. Halloween is over, and I missed it! You blockhead. You kept me up all night waiting for the Great Pumpkin, and all that came was a beagle. I didn’t get a chance to go out for tricks or treats. And it was all your fault. I’ll sue! What a fool I was! I could have had candy apples and gum and cookies and money and all sorts of things, but no, I had to listen to you. You blockhead. What a fool I was. Trick or treats come only once a year. And I missed it by sitting in a pumpkin patch with a blockhead. YOU OWE ME RESTITUTION!

How many women and men for that matter, waste their time on a pipe dream? How many of us have suffered from unrequited love? Let’s be honest, Linus never really loved Sally. He just used her because he liked the attention and the companionship. But, can you blame a guy for trying? I mean who wants to sit in a pumpkin patch alone?

When you watch this Halloween special this year, really listen to what Charles Schulz was saying…there’s a lot of wisdom and suffering in these characters.

Remember: Never jump into a pile of leaves with a wet sucker and get your signed documents from Lucy Van Pelt notarized.

By the way, I’ve watched this show for a good chunk of 30 years and I still don’t get the WWI Flying Ace parts.

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