>Forget the iPhone 4S

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>There are two things that scientists need to invent before continuing on all other experiments: laser guns and teleportation.

Bullets are so last century. Let’s up the game here. Why not a light saber? You know Han Solo was right. Sure there’s probably some sort of radiation that will be leaking out of the cheaply made blasters, but we’re probably subject to awful amounts of radiation from the computers, phone and TVs we use on a daily basis.

Teleportation, however, would be way more practical. Instead of having to pack up all of my crap and hire people to lug it into a truck and take it to a new place, I could just have it instantly moved with the push of a button.

I assume the teleportation machine would have a button instead of a toggle or switch. Of course, it better not be running a Windows operating system or my stuff is likely to end up in some unsuspecting person’s living room in Peoria.

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