>Online Dating Chronicles: The one were I lose my mind again


In a moment of poor judgement, I signed up for OK Cupid again. Wow. How is it that some people have actual relationships with folks they met through this site?

This site makes Match.com look like it’s run by the Amish.  Then again, maybe the Amish are all freaks too.

All I know is that if you want to know how freakish the men in Sacramento are, look at the questions they answered on their OK Cupid profiles. Seriously, I don’t even need to see the answers. Just the fact that they bothered to answer these questions scares me away.   

I don’t even want to write the words for fear they will muck up my SEO, so here are some screen shots:

Honestly, I think it say alot about a person who bothers to answer such questions. It’s on the Internet people. It’s your permanent record!

On another note I got the following message:

ur fn amazing
30 yr old former adult film star here and (BLANK) is the name
just got to sacramento on biz staying on (BLANK ADDRESS)!divorced daddy of one son so yes im wild but not “2” wild lol… maybe u wanna chat u look fun as hell
(BLANK)…sorry no pics on here but do have on facebook lo

I wish I could make that up. Someone else did, I’m pretty sure. And also? Grody.

Right now, I prefer the guys on Match.  They don’t make me fear for my safety.  The guys on OKC are pretty much just fodder for my blog.  How creepy can men be?  I’m sure I’ll be getting a few message to answer that question.

2 thoughts on “>Online Dating Chronicles: The one were I lose my mind again

  1. Ms. Chick

    >They certainly need something! One good thing about online dating, I know these guys are hidden freaks and don't waste my time actually having to find that out in real life.


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