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>As I drove into work, I noticed something different about my office building. There was yellow tape in front of the door. It was then that I realized that the door was sans glass. Some dumbass had broken in with the help of a football sized rock.

Of course, he wasn’t counting on the alarm so he didn’t get anything in his panic. Luckily, one of the neighbors has a surveillance camera on the outside of the building. Also, the office was broken into a few years ago and everyone’s laptops were stolen, so most people don’t leave them in the office anymore.

Apparently, my office building is a magnet for odd things.

  • There was the bomb scare that turned out to be a homeless person’s luggage.
  • There was a mini-gang fight.
  • One day we had an FBI stakeout in the conference room.
  • There was the “episode” of Cheaters.
  • We’ve had a plethora of cars broken into.
  • And who could forget, the perv in the bathroom.

Who knows what the future might bring!

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  1. SFChick74

    >Not yet! There are quiet a few homeless individuals wandering around the neighborhood, so you never know what's going to happen.


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