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>Clearly this is a TV show derived from my own confusion about wanting children. Maybe some people watching that show will realize that they too are not ready for the challenge of parenthood.

Speaking of, I seem to keep getting stuck with watching my nephew whenever he is around. It’s driving me nuts. The thing is that I’m not asked to watch him. People just disappear from the room or completely ignore him when I’m around. I’m so much of a control freak and worried that he will injure himself around me that I can’t help but watch his every move.

When I realize that I’ve been given the role of guardian without being asked, that’s when it’s time to go home. Ah, the luxury of being an aunt. A quiet house and the freedom to do whatever I want.

3 thoughts on “>Baby Borrowers

  1. Janelle

    >True – especially after the MA teen pregnancy pact story broke – are you kidding me?! depending on the actual educational value of the show it might not hurt to start showing it in sex ed or parenting classes that high schools have. It’s just scary when a teenage girl needs to use motherhood as a personal identifier

  2. TomSelleckStache

    >Those Mass girls are ridiculous. It’s sad to see such a big decision as having a child treated frivolously. Those girls should have watched The Baby Borrowers.

  3. Gangsta

    >Yes, those Mass girls are very ridiculous. It is sad! I to am looking forward to The Baby Borrowers.


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