>It’s the little things that I notice.

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>Why is it that some people refuse to use those little divider things on the checkout at the supermarket?

The cashier is busy enough without having to figure out where your stuff ends and mine begins. If you weren’t so busy reading that copy of Cosmo that you’re not going to buy, you might have noticed your faux pas.

Also, why is it that someone always has to park their car right next to mine?

There are about 30 other spots available, some of which are actually closer than the one you chose. It’s almost as bad as those people who sit right next to you in a waiting room when they clearly should put at least one “stranger” seat in between you. My need for personal space is quite large. Please respect it.

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3 thoughts on “>It’s the little things that I notice.

  1. Nick

    >What I hate is when you go to check out and there’s NO divider thing. I want to put my shit down but I can’t because there’s no way to distinguish it from the person in front of me. I’m like “uh.. hi. yeah… uh… it looks like there’s no… uh.. they’re usually right here but… uh..”


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