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>I got this message via a social networking site:

just curios since i noticed taht you work for [misspelled company name] or [other company name]???which one is it actually?anywayz im new to real estate and just trying ot netwrk can you tel me if you needed a degree to work for them and was it that you do?

Is there a dumbass to English dictionary somewhere?

Dear Mr. Smith:

Is this a joke? Are you a friend of mine trying to rile me up for a cheap laugh? I find it difficult to believe that anyone can graduate from high school with such poor grammar skills. Anyone who uses “anywayz” will not make it far in commercial real estate.

Also, unless you are e.e. cummings, you must USE CAPITAL LETTERS at the beginning of a sentence. Unless you enjoy endless mocking, you might also want to try reviewing your messages before you send them out.

Don’t contact me again. Your grammar frightens and confuses me.

I still think this was sent by one of my friends under a false identity. It just seems difficult to believe that someone could actually be this dumb.

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