>Temptation Resisted, Sort of…

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>I had to go to Sephora the other day to pick up something for my sister. The moment I walked in, I was hypnotized by the place. The rows and rows of cosmetics called to me, “Take me home! I’ll make you pretty!” All the colors, powders, and glosses beckoned.

A new display of OPI nail polish caught my attention. Luckily, the colors I liked were all out.

I could have easily walked out of there with that tiny Sephora bag holding over $100 of makeup, but I just got what I needed and quickly left.

Later I found myself at the See’s Candy store. I probably should have bought makeup instead of the Coconut Bonbon, but the candy was alot cheaper.

2 thoughts on “>Temptation Resisted, Sort of…

  1. Mara

    >I know how you feel! Sephora = Heaven.

    However, in my attempts to save money, I’ve switched almost entirely to Avon (while hoping that my 20-some MAC eyeshadows last me until I’m 45).

    BUT, BUT, BUT. Diorshow mascara is the one thing I still have to buy at Sephora (or Macy’s). Best ever. If you haven’t tried it, you will fall in love.


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