>Shut up, I’m a Gemini!

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>Now all you Tauruses don’t get offended.  You’re all fine.  I just like being a Gemini.  I like being mercurial and having two of just about everything.  I like being a social butterfly when situations allow. 

But, why does the Minnesota Planetarium Society get to decide the signs of the zodiac?  I thought they were involved in astronomy not astrology.  Didn’t they get the memo? 

OK, I don’t know who came up with the signs of the zodiac.  Various articles say something about the ancient Babylonians and the Greeks.  Maybe it was both.  Either way why bother changing things now and making everyone annoyed?  Heck one of those signs no one can even say and who the hell wants to be a snake herder? Wait, don’t answer that.

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