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>They’re back?

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>Remember these from the 80s? They would cut into your foot and leave it bloody and dirty, but we all wore them. Now they are on sale at Saks and Bloomingdales for the low, low price of $95! If I see anyone wearing these, I’m going to take their picture and mock them on my blog. No sane woman should… Read more »


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>If the Grammy’s is the music industry’s biggest night, they’ve got some serious problems. Who the hell likes Coldplay? Ugly British guys singing whiney rock? No thanks. Take your hippy music elsewhere. Big win for Kelly Clarkson…really big win for American Idol, if anyone actually cared about the Grammy’s anymore. Could someone explain this Gorillaz thing to me? I tried… Read more »

>Love Connection

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>I remember watching this show when it was on back in the day. Chuck Woolery is the consumate game show host. Now, it’s on the Game Show Network. If anything, it’s a great view into 1980’s fashions. You could also play a drinking game. Maybe there already is one. It would go something like this: Take a shot everytime a… Read more »