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>One thing that annoys me in the online dating scene, and in real life, are people who say they don’t like to read. Oh really, Einstein?  That’s like me saying, I don’t like to talk.  OK, bad comparison because I freaking LOVE to talk, but you get the idea.  No?

Reading is a form of communication like talking.  Only total weirdos say they don’t like to talk.  I don’t mean public speaking, but talking to other human beings in a regular conversation.  But for some reason, it’s totally acceptable to say you don’t like to read.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m pretty much reading shit all day long.  In fact, I would hazard a guess that unless you are shelling almonds all day long or dishing out scoops of delicious ice cream, most people are like me and have to read something (forms, emails, database data) every day all day.

What people mean to say is that they don’t like reading more than a few sentences at a time for pleasure or more specifically, what used to be known as books.

I love reading books. I could spend all day in silence reading a book.  In fact, I’ve done that it was probably the best day of my life.  Yes, that’s sad, but unless you are setting me up on a date soon, you can just stuff it.

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