Why aren’t you here?

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The other day I was reading about Twitter moving their headquarters to some skeezy part of San Francisco.

Can someone please explain why they bothered? Why does anyone locate their company in the Bay Area if they don’t absolutely have to? What do they have that Sacramento doesn’t?

I mean not only is the cost of living cheaper here, but the quality of life is better in Sacramento. There’s almost no stress about parking. Shopping and dining is great. Parks are everywhere. Plus, rents are like half to a quarter what they are in the Bay Area. I just don’t get it. Isn’t paying rent a huge part of a business’s expenses? And yet I realize I just put three “s” in a row and it makes that sentence look weird, but I think it’s grammatically correct.

I always hear people complaining that they have a hard time doing business in California because of the laws and cost. Maybe some of those folks need to put up or shut up. Do something to cut your costs. Move to Sacramento. There are plenty of people here who need jobs and I’ll bet your current employees wouldn’t mind moving somewhere the schools aren’t scary and the traffic doesn’t make them nuts on a daily basis.

Sure the weather gets hot, but that’s why central air conditioning was invented.  Plus, you can drive up to Tahoe for the day…FOR THE DAY. You don’t have to trek for 4 hours to get there. OK, yes, traffic going up the hill can get nuts, but it’s only because of the Bay Area people.  See, they already wish they lived here!

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