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>I will work like a dog.  My bosses are going out of town for a big old corporate conference in the southern part of the Golden State.  Now, while they will be busy attending various breakout sessions and walking through the expo hall to collect whatever goodies the various sponsors are handing out, they will not be busy enough to ignore their smart phones. 

One might think, “Oh you should have a nice quiet rest of the week.”  WRONG.  While it would be nice to be able to catch up on all the busy work that piles up when more time sensitive tasks demand my attention, I know from past experience that I will not only be doing my usual tasks, but those of both my bosses.  It would be nice to catch up on that large pile of articles I print out for when I have a lull in the chaos.  It would be great to clean up various databases while listening to the hits of the 80s.  I know that none of that will be accomplished.  I know I will get a barrage of emails and phone calls to draft TPS reports, attend to clients, and otherwise drop off/pick up whatever documents that are scattered to the four corners of Sacramento County.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not complaining.  My bosses are awesome and it’s great to be busy.  It keeps me from getting bored.  Plus with no one around, I can ease into my work day if I feel like it.  I can actually go out and have lunch if I feel like it.  Yes, I could do all that any day, but because people can see me I try to create an image of being a hard worker.  Of course, it helps that I actually am a hard worker, too.

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