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>More evidence surfaced today that my computer is either about to break down or is becoming self-aware and has decided to annoy the hell out of me.  While working on a big project, I noticed that the automatic spell check wasn’t working.  Sometimes, I get lazy and misspell words on purpose because I don’t feel like thinking about it.  It’s easier to just right click the word with the little red squiggles under it than remember “i before e except after c.” 

In the middle of this presentation, I was trying to spell the word “located”.  Now, obviously, I know how to spell that, but my brain was already three words ahead and didn’t feel like sending my fingers back to fix it right then.  For whatever reason, the word stuck in my head and it started to annoy me that the red squiggles were missing.  Odd.  I made my mouse journey all the way up to the tool bar to click the spell check button to see what the hell was going on.

That annoying Microsoft ding warning came up and some random error message about not having Portuguese (Brazilian) installed angrily sat in front of my presentation.  What the hell?  Did my computer decide to check out Rio de Janerio over the weekend and forgot to reset its language settings so I wouldn’t know?

Now, not only was I faced with the brain melting presentation that had to be done by the end of the day, but now I had to figure out how to reset the language function in MS Word.  Strangely enough, doing a search with the help function actually helped.  It showed me where to change it back to English (U.S.).  Of course, it didn’t stick.  I tried three different ways to make the damn thing save the correct language so I could be lazy again, but oh no.  It kept reverting back to Portuguese. 

Finally, I just gave up and decided to use the spelling skills acquired through years of public schooling because time kept on slipping into the future.  Who knows if tomorrow the computer will wise up and go back to English or continue to be a smart ass and torture me with yet another foreign language.

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