>The rules no longer apply.

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>My day started off with Irma listening to the midi/ringtone version of Bryan Adams’ “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?” Of course, the song was stuck in my head for the rest of the day. I’d be typing up a letter and hear “Have you ever really, really, really ever…” Ack! God forbid it could be a better song like Heaven or Summer of ’69. No, I have to be tortured by ballads first thing in the morning.

Then we find out that the San Francisco branch has been sold. It looks like our branch will be next on the chopping block. This sent everyone into a tailspin. People were openly looking at Monster.com. There have been the cloak & dagger meetings going on behind closed doors. Uncertainty is choking our motivation to perform our jobs.

The question is, do I start blogging at work? I’m not sure the anarchy is bad enough to warrant it. I might lose my mind on Monday and just go to town.

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