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>Granted, I am a perfectionist at times, but I think being able to follow simple instructions as well as being literate are not too high of standards.

In the job ad, I stated my full name as the person to contact regarding the position that is available. I would say about half of the emails I get that actually have a cover letter are addressed to “whom it may concern,” “hiring manager,” or “personnel director”.

Some people can’t even get the title of the job correct!

I even got on resume where the names of the companies the person worked for were blanked out with X’s. Are they hiding something or are they just too stupid to fill in the blanks?


More on the freak who called three times in one hour….

I was laughing about it to one of my bosses, George, and he wants to call the weirdo in for an interview as a joke. George wants to torture Biff by making him interview the freak.

As funny as that would be in a movie, in reality it’s just mean. Ok, yes, the freak did annoy me for an hour this morning, but I don’t feel the need to be mean to him/her by setting him/her up with a fake interview. I can’t give someone false hope. I wouldn’t want someone to do that to me. Besides, the person would probably just end up harrassing/stalking me instead of Biff.

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