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>We have one broker who called 6 times before 9:00 am this morning. I think that legally classifies him as being a stalker. Normal people will say, “I’m sorry to keep calling like this…” after the 3rd time. This dude acts likes it’s perfectly acceptable to call anyone 6 times in one hour. Ok, maybe a phone sex hotline, but I’ll bet even they would say, “Buddy, you need some help.”

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8 thoughts on “>More lunacy

  1. Anonymous

    >More lunacy? Could you possibly be any crazier? All you do is watch tv, drink, and bitch about your dumbass job. Half the sh** you post you don’t know what the h*&l you are talking about. Go have another drink you fat ugly drunk. Stop talking shi* about your job, you WILL get fired. Try medication for a change and stay out of public for everyone’s sake.

  2. Nick

    >wow, i don’t know what SF said to deserve THAT bash job. dude, just don’t read this blog instead of wasting your time writing nasty comments. talk about the pot calling the kettle black. get a life, you silly little biatch.

  3. Petra

    >nasty commenters never have the balls to put their names/blogs, they always write under “anonymous” aka “cowards”

  4. SFChick74

    >Butchie: It’s probably yet another Blogger bug. The comments were weirded out the other day. I hope it wasn’t a coworker. I’d rather that they speak with me face to face if they have a problem with me.

    Notsocranky: It’s entirely possible, but not probable. I did see the Office. As always, good stuff!

    Nick: I think part of me is actually kind of flattered that my writing can incite that kind of passion.

    Petra: We’re all a little anonymous here, but you’re right, at least we link to our blogs.


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