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>It started off when I went to the restroom in the morning and saw that my eyeliner was looking less like Maria Callas and more like Alice Cooper.  Super! 

Guys, if you see a gal in your office and her make up is running like that, do her a favor and mention it!  9 times out of 10 she hasn’t looked in a mirror in the last few hours, so she has NO CLUE that her make up isn’t perfect.  It’s easy.  “Insert name here, there’s a little something on your face.”  She will ask you where, describe it as best you can and hopefully she will dash to a mirror.

I got home and prepared for my date.  Thinking I would be smart, I changed over from liquid liner to pencil.  Apparently, the heat of the day is just too much for kohl.  I got home and one of my eyes had a rather large smear under it.  Very attractive, I’m sure.  It would have been nice if my date had mentioned it.  Although the offending eye was on the far side from him so hopefully, he didn’t see it.

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