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>Up the street from my office is a crack house. It’s been raided by the police three times in the past five years. Over the past few weeks, a beat up sea foam green truck has been parking across the street from the office. It’s bed was filled with various types of wooden objects and metal junk.

A month or so ago, I saw the truck getting towed. I wouldn’t have paid much attention, but all of the sudden, I heard this weird squawking sound. These three people (two men and a woman) came out of nowhere and ran up to the tow truck driver. The woman who had squawked in anger, jumped onto the running board and leaned in the window, then proceeded to beat up the driver of the tow truck.

I recognized them as tenants of the crack house. I ran into my office to take cover, just in case shots were fired.

A couple weeks ago, I came into the office and everything seemed normal. Biff walks in and says, “Whose beat up truck is that in the parking lot?” I didn’t see a truck when I came in. I get up and look outside. Sure enough, it’s the sea foam truck. I told Biff that I thought the truck belonged to the crack house people. They had apparently parked it there in order to avoid a $35 street cleaning ticket.

What does Biff do? He walks up to the crack house to tell them to move the truck. The whole time he’s gone I’m sitting there freaking out. I’m thinking, “Should I call 911? Should I call the Department of Parking and Traffic?” He comes back describes the squalor the people are living in. Shit was running down the leg of the squawking lady and she acted like it was nothing. Gross!

They moved the truck without incident.

Last week, the truck is parked outside again. Except this time, it’s not in the lot, just blocking it and the sidewalk. John, the other boss, sees this and gets pissed. He has me call the DPT. Again, I freak out. I hate confrontations with real live criminals.

Biff comes back to the office and sees what’s going on. He gets out his cell to call a tow truck. A crack guy just happen to be out there. He tells Biff, “Give me a break man. My brother is in prison.”

Biff says, “So what? My brother is in the FBI. Move your truck.” Needless to say, the guy moved the truck.

I’m just waiting for some sort of retaliation. Hopefully it’ll just be in the form of vandalism as opposed to something violent.

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