>70 Days until Autumn

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>The only thing that gets me through these 100+ degree days is the thought of autumn. Just over 2 months until some relief can be felt. Less than one month until the NFL pre-season. There’s just not much going on in the summer.

I went to a party supply store just because I was bored. Was hoping I could find something fun, but there was nothing but some sad tropical/Hawaiian decorations. It’s that barren time between holiday seasons. Retailers already try to stretch them out for months, but somehow there are still a few weeks with no excuse to shop, no excuse to celebrate.

This would be a good time of year to get married. There are no holidays to dodge. Most people are on vacation anyway. It’s like that setting you see in movies when you can’t really tell what time of year it is…it’s either summer or spring, but since the plot line doesn’t hinge on time passing, you never can be sure.

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