Wedding, Engagement Ring Etiquette: What am I supposed to do here?

bridal, wedding, jewelryI love my engagement ring. Granted, I never really wanted one because they are just a marketing ploy by diamond companies to sell diamonds. But the ring Paul gave me is so sparkly and it has a lot of meaning for him, so I love it.

The problem is that I don’t know how much I’m supposed to wear it. Does anyone know proper engagement ring etiquette? When am I supposed to wear it? All the time? Can’t I take it off to clean the dishes and the toilets? What about when I take a shower or go to sleep?

So, of course I googled it.

The problem is that my questions weren’t answered.  I just had new questions. Wait. What am I supposed to do the day of the ceremony? Do I wear my ring on my right hand and then move it after the ceremony? There’s an order to which ring goes first on my hand?

That’s when I realized…fuck it. I’m going to do what I want. I’m going to do what feels practical. I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I just don’t want to ruin the ring or, god forbid, lose it.

I don’t know what I’m going to do at the ceremony. I might wear my engagement ring on my right hand until after the ceremony.  I might wear it on my left and just switch the rings after.  I know I won’t be giving the ring to someone else to hold until the moment in the ceremony when Paul puts the wedding band on my finger. I’m a control freak. If anyone is going to lose the ring, I’d rather it be me. I don’t want to be pissed off at someone when I could have prevented said anger.

If/when you get/got married, what would/will you do with the engagement ring?

5 thoughts on “Wedding, Engagement Ring Etiquette: What am I supposed to do here?

  1. Miranda

    Like you, I decided to make up my own ring rules. 🙂 My wedding band is pretty unconventional (I almost didn’t get one at all), and the two rings look rather ridiculous when worn together. So I only wear the engagement ring when I feel like dressing up… and then I put it on my right hand, to spread the love around. Whatever feels right!

    1. Amy Ruiz Post author

      Thanks! I’ve seen quite a few women posting on the internet that once married they wear the engagement ring on their right hand. I haven’t seen it in practice, but it’s not a bad idea. I’ll have to see what feels right to me. 🙂

  2. Rachel G

    I just left my engagement ring on my left hand the whole time, and my husband simply put the wedding ring on on top of my engagement ring. I never take my rings off–I guess I’m a ring girl, at the moment I’m wearing 7 rings and pretty much they don’t come off no matter what I’m doing. My engagement and wedding rings are pretty small and simple and I sure hope they were built to take a beating because they might have a tough life ahead of them…but I haven’t had any trouble in the 3+ years I’ve worn them.

    1. Amy Ruiz Post author

      My fingers were swollen before/during the ceremony that I couldn’t get my engagement ring off, so I just had Paul slip the wedding ring on top of the engagement ring. I had hoped to put the engagement ring on my right hand, but my right hand is slightly bigger than my left. If I couldn’t even get it off the one finger, it sure wasn’t going on to the other!


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