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>A few Monday’s ago I went to the bathroom a bit earlier than my usual time. It was about 8:45 or so in the morning. I walk in and see the garbage can overflowing with paper towels. It seemed a little odd, but I didn’t realize the condition of the room until I walked into a stall that not only had used seat covers sitting on and in the toilet, but also had a dirty pair of large white underwear stuffed into the seat covers holder.

I don’t know if someone got into the office early and went nuts or if the janitors had some sort of party there over the weekend and forgot to clean it up.

6 thoughts on “>Work Restroom Story #4592

  1. Un-Named

    >I was at Target here in Cordova, TN and saw a soiled pair of boxers in front of the bowl. It was quite a find. I’m still having trouble getting the stains out but they fit nicely


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