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>Here is a word association I found at LunaNina.com | Unconscious Mutterings. My answers are in italics:

  1. Statistics:: Numbers

  2. Grin::Smile

  3. Saturn:: Rings

  4. Fulfilled:: Happy

  5. Life plan:: Organized

  6. Cult:: Scientology

  7. Lily:: Easter

  8. Stalemate:: Impasse

  9. Celebration:: Kool and the Gang

  10. Underwear:: Laundry

2 thoughts on “>Word Association Meme

  1. Sonic Reducer

    ># Statistics: Numbers
    # Grin: smirk
    # Saturn:: Sunday
    # Fulfilled:: stuffed
    # Life plan:: what?
    # Cult:: they rock!
    # Lily:: Herman
    # Stalemate:: Chess
    # Celebration:: Party
    # Underwear:: fun to wear


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