>A Woman Scorned

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>Are you kidding me with this spam? Fine, I’m going to delete the crap. Since you kids can’t play nice I had to only allow registered users to comment. I welcome people commenting, but if you are going to spew your junk mail at me, you can just suck it.

3 thoughts on “>A Woman Scorned

  1. christhestampede

    >I hear ya sister-friend! Spam’s obnoxious. I let my email fill up with about 300 or so before I just empty the junk mailbox. Honestly, why are so many people concerned about increasing my penis size? How do you switch your blog to only allow signed-in comments? I haven’t been hit with much spam yet, but I’ve only recently started checking out other people’s blogs, so I imagine it’s only a matter of time. (Incidentally, that whole “roadrage” thing was in no way an attempt to solicit business for “roadrage.com” I am not affiliated with them in any way, and don’t want you thinking I’m spamming you for their benefit. … It did make me laugh though…)


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