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>I’m so excited! I have tickets to see Tom Jones at the Fillmore next week. If you haven’t seen this guy live, you really are missing something. Yes, it’s cheese, but it’s very entertaining, fun cheese. The first time I saw him a few years ago, I didn’t know what to expect. From the first few notes that came out of his mouth, I was hooked. The music is wonderful escapism. He does covers as well as his signature songs. There are even a few songs Tom Jones covers which I don’t like by the original artist, but I’ll listen to him sing over and over again.

As much as I enjoy Tom Jones, I can’t believe he has sold out not one, but four nights at the Fillmore. I didn’t realize he had such a huge fan base here in Northern California. Personally, I’m hoping for a few Christmas carols thrown into his usual set. Better go find some panties to throw on stage!

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