>What’s been happening around Sacramento?

>The Kings lost, again. That will probably sum up the rest of their season. Can someone explain to me the design of professional basketball uniforms? Do those guys know they are wearing culottes? Someone get those guys a tailor, pronto.

It’s butt ass cold here. The temp has been dipping into the 20’s at night. I’m actually wishing it would rain. Even fog would be a nice change.

No one had to work today, except my damn office. Most of the time I spent rearranging my Netflix queue. The Illusionist is on its way!

Speaking of movies, I saw that Smokin’ Aces premiered here over the weekend. If Ben Affleck or Ryan Reynolds was in town and no one told me, I’m going to be hella pissed. I know Jeremy Piven was here because I saw him crawling out of a limo and walking by Mark S. Allen on the KOVR 11:00 news.

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