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>Yesterday, I was stuck in traffic on I-80 because people were freaking out over the rain. There was no accident. It was just raining.

Anyway, I was listening to the E! Channel on my XM radio and they had a show called 1908s Child Stars Where Are They Now. It totally took away some of the stress of being stuck in traffic. Here are some random tidbits:

Dudley from Diff’rent Strokes – Apparently, he became a minister, until his church shut down and now he has a production company. He’s trying to create a network with positive family programming.

Corky from Life Goes On – Wasn’t this guy in his 20s when he became famous? Even with a disability he was hardly a child, if you ask me. Corky is now in a band. He sings and plays “imagination guitar”

Stephanie from Full House – She’s a boring normal chick. She went to college and now is married. She wants to be a studio teacher.

Vinnie from Doogie Howser, MD – Did some shows on Broadway as well as having a role on Sopranos.

Josh Brolin from the Goonies – I loved this movie as a kid. Still do. We all know what this guy has been up too. His stepmom is Barbra Streisand. For some reason I always get this guy confused with Matt Dillon. I don’t know why, but they look similar to me.

Willie Aames from Charles in Charge – The best line he said, “I was in the middle of the Venezuelan jungle doing cocaine and waiting to hear about Charles in Charge.” He cleaned up his act and went on to become Bibleman.

Maria from Head of the Class – She married Jon Farris from INXS.

They talked to a bunch of other people from Head of the Class like Rain Pryor and that little kid who played the child genius, but I can’t remember what they are doing. That show totally jumped the shark when Howard Hessman left.

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  1. Sonic Reducer

    >You know what’s funny you go on route 80 out west. I go on Route 80 in New Jersey, I live right near it….small world!


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