>Wendy’s Might be a Bit Pissed at This

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While hanging out at my sister’s house this weekend, I paged through the Oriental Trading catalog. It was the Halloween edition.

Mostly, it was the same stuff you would expect, a plethora of plastic pumpkins, wrong looking cats, and spiderweb table cloths.

This candy caught my eye. It would have been topical a couple of years ago, but chili fingers still makes me chuckle and even more so in candy form.

I might just order it to see what it looks like. I’m sure it tastes horrible.

3 thoughts on “>Wendy’s Might be a Bit Pissed at This

  1. mark

    >I’m not shocked at the picture, but the fact that we are already in the Halloween schlepping mode.

    Chili Fingers are so wrong in all kinds of levels. Wendy no happy.

    thx for the comment on the songlist.

  2. Mara

    >Eck. I still can’t eat chili without thinking about that. That candy is even worse than those kitty litter cakes with tootsie rolls that crazy housewives make – I don’t care if it is a new kitty litter pooper scooper – it’s gross and I’m not sifting crap out of a cat pan even if it’s candy.


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