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>The images of that morning are etched into the minds of everyone who had access to a TV. I cannot look at those images again.  It makes me anxious. I feel that awful energy coursing through my body.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to forget.  I cannot forget.  I want to learn from those events.  I want to remember the positive that came out of it all.  The coming together of humanity, worldwide in support through love. 

When reading through the “where were you” tweets, it’s interesting to read the messages of those who were children at the time.  Now they are adults.  I was an adult when it happened, but felt as frightened as a child.  Where was I? Living in the Bay Area, driving to work and listening to AM radio. I was on the Bay Bridge when the freak out started in my mind as the realization of what was occurring hit me.

There are so many people to think about today. The people who lost their lives just going about their daily routines.  Their families and friends who cope with the loss.  The folks on the planes and their family and friends.  The brave men and women who lost their lives trying to help and their families and friends.  The brave men and women who helped out and survived the aftermath.  The citizens of New York City who witnessed the chaos first hand.  The citizens of Washington D.C. who witnessed the chaos first hand.  Everyone.

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