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>Every morning I watch Good Day Sacramento. It’s not the slickest morning show in the world and for some reason they have 2 people covering the traffic (4 if you count the CHP officers) and no sportscaster. It’s highly entertaining though. Their coverage of local stuff is better than all the other channels.

For example, they have a segment called Allentown. Mark S. Allen goes to some random local town and talks to the folks who live and work in said town. Viewers vote on which town to showcase. This time Vacaville is in the running to be selected. Right now, it’s in second place behind Discover Bay. Please click on this link and cast your vote for Vacaville. If for no other reason than because I grew up there.

I can’t imagine what they will visit. The Nut Tree and the Wooz are both gone. There is always the “historic” downtown. Every town seems to have a “historic” downtown.

5 thoughts on “>A vote that probably counts

  1. Balloon Pirate

    >Vacaville sounds like some sort of hep-cat lingo for vacation to me:

    “Yo, Dude! Schools out! We’re headed for Vacaville, man!”

    Also–why are you your own group?


  2. SFChick74

    >No more onions in Vacaville. The Basic plant moved out of town years ago.

    My group on Yahoo! has one member, me. At least last time I checked it did.


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