>U.S. Issues Tips for Possible Flu Pandemic – Yahoo! News

>Bracing for a possible flu pandemic, the government is urging people to prepare to teach their kids at home, chart family members’ blood types and allergies and find out in advance if they will be able to work from their house.

What in the hell does someone’s blood type have to do with the flu? And allergies? Did I miss something in health class? Last time I checked, the flu consisted of drinking lots of water, orange juice, and getting plenty of rest. Was my mom the only parent in the world to prescribe this treatment?

The guide also suggests ways to stop the spread of disease, including simple steps such as frequent hand washing and staying at home if you are sick.

Can you say, DUH? I’ve been saying that shit for months.

Where did this pandemic crap come from anyway? All of the sudden the flu is out to get us? People got the flu when I was growing up, including me, and it was not a big deal. You stay home. You drink your liquids. You get your rest. You get over it.

I don’t get where all this pandemic stuff cropped up.

3 thoughts on “>U.S. Issues Tips for Possible Flu Pandemic – Yahoo! News

  1. Balloon Pirate

    >Remember: this is the very same government that told us to prepare for bioterrorism by buying plastic sheeting and duct tape.

    That being said, there is a potential for a pandemic, if the avian influenza virus, which is much heartier than the human version–meaning it will stay in the system longer, weaken its host longer, and therefore has a greater chance of being fatal, mutates with the human version and is able to infect people.

    How much of a potential is unclear, but never let it be said that the Bush administration would ever miss an opportunity to spread fear amongst its population as a means of control.


  2. SFChick74

    >It’s just sad and stupid. They had the same panic about SARS and who the hell knows if that disease is even still around.


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