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>I really enjoy CSI, but lately the show has been kind of lagging. The season finale sucked, too. It was too long. What I don’t get is how these characters (in every other episode) can extrapolate evidence from the most inane comment, while in the last episode, they could have found the buried George Eads sooner had they been paying attention to what the chick in the orange jumpsuit said. She said that she worked with plants. They were looking at her file and saw that the package was planted at the scene of the crime she was convicted for; maybe they could have used a few more brain cells and turned a page in the file to see that she worked at a nursery!

And what’s up with Lost? They find a pirate ship? That’s cool. I am, however, sick of that old dude talking about how the island called them there or has a purpose for them. Stop being all ESP or Zen or whatever and get on with the plot. I am sick of these mysterious others who don’t seem to materialize.

Tonight, I went to watch NUMB3RS and the stupid Day Time Emmy’s are on instead! I don’t want to see the chicks from the View whining about whatever lame crap they whine about. I want to see the damn TV show that usually comes on at the appointed hour of 9! I know it’s usually 10, but in Sacramento, for some reason, CBS starts their primetime at 7 instead of 8.

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