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>I watched that new show Heroes on NBC. I’m mixed on it. On the one hand, it’s pretty much an X-Men ripoff without a Magneto or evil mutants. At least so far. On the other, I did enjoy the twist at the end or maybe it was in the “Next week on Heroes” blurb where the Japanese teleporter dude sees himself/his situation on a comic book. Also, what the hell is the Internet stripper’s power? I don’t quite understand. Can she make her id materialize out of the mirror or what?

Aside from the hot Indian geneticist dude trying to avenge his father’s death, the show seems a little week. I mean is Stan Lee pissed off?

Also, is it just me, or are there fewer new reality shows on this season? It seems like they have been weeded out and the only ones left are the ones that are more game show-y than anything else. Of course, there are some train wrecks still on like Dancing with the Stars.

I watched Jericho last week, mostly because there’s just something about Skeet Ulrich I enjoy. The show is a little too “The Day After” for me. Although, I’m interested to know what secrets Skeet Ulrich’s character harbors. Plus, you just gotta love Major Dad as the mayor.

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  1. Shamus O'Drunkahan

    >You nailed it about the reality tv being in short supply this season, and not a bad thing. Reality TV kind of forced a higher quality of shows, at least thats kinda how it looks so far.

    And yeah, Stan should be pissed about Heros, but he’s busy with his reality show. Ironic? A little.

  2. Balloon Pirate

    >Since one of my best friends is a writer in Hollywood, I much prefer that there are less ‘reality’ shows on TV.

    On the other hand, I watch almost no TV other than The Daily Show and sports, so it doesn’t matter.

    However, I did watch Heroes. I’m guessing internet stripper’s got some sort of Jeckyll/Hyde thing going on. And I’m willing to give the dudes a pass on the lack of action in lieu of exposition for this episode, but they better have some stuff going on next week if they want to keep an audience. I’m all for character dramas, but if they’re doing a story about superheroes then they damn well better put some superhero-y stuff in there.

    Did you watch the Aaron Sorkin ‘SNL’ show that followed it? Christ. it was like he took an old ‘West Wing’ script and wrote ‘comedy’ in in crayon wherever it read ‘president.’


  3. Petra

    >I thought Jericho looked interesting but haven’t seen it yet since I usu watch Bones during that time slot…and am the last person on earth without tivo or dvr so it’s one or the other.

  4. SFChick74

    >I didn’t see 30 Rock or Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Both those shows look pretty lame. And which programming exec thought it was a good idea to have such similar shows on the same channel? Seriously, what is the difference? One’s in NY, one’s in LA. One’s a comedy, one’s a dramedy?

    LOL! I totally forgot about that reality show of Stan Lee’s.


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