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>Every now and then I get a little bit lonely and you’re never coming around…

World Prepares for a Total Eclipse of the Sun – Yahoo! News

Could someone explain this quote to me:

“Please, do not go out and keep your children indoors on solar eclipse day,” Togo’s minister for health said in a message broadcast on state television.

Are the kids apt to play with their nothing and hurt themselves when their parents aren’t looking? I think the eclipse only lasts a few minutes. Besides, shouldn’t kids be in school or something? I mean it is a Wednesday.

You gotta love these superstitions:

One Indian paper advised pregnant women not to go outside during the eclipse to avoid having a blind baby or one with a cleft lip. Food cooked before the eclipse should be thrown out afterward because it will be impure and those who are holding a knife or ax during the eclipse will cut themselves, the Hindustan Times added.

Don’t turn right while the eclipse is going on, you will never be able to turn left again. If you are asleep while the eclipse occurs and dream of snakes, you might want to see a therapist.

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  1. Un-Named

    >since im going to sears tonight to get my falken tires looked at, i dreamed that i was balancing them myself. however, i could only balance them to 60mph and everytime i tried to go beyond that they would rocket off the ground and then slam into the concrete.


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