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>Everyone has a right to complain. I do it on a daily basis. However, when it comes to television I think people are too worried about the wrong things. If you are going to complain to the FCC about anything, complain about the volume of commercials. I don’t mean how many commercials we see (although that does suck) I mean the actual sound. They are almost always TOO LOUD. Complain about the news stories that the networks show since they are probably biased and usually serve little community value.

Don’t complain to the FCC because someone was sort of naked. Although, I didn’t see the opening to the Monday Night Football show, I’m sure it was harmless. Soap operas are more racy than what I read about in the story. Is this country completely losing its mind, or is the media just so bored and jaded that it’s creating that perception in its stories? Maybe it’s a little of both…

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