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>I’m not talking about the band with Steve Winwood. I’m talking about the craziness on the freeways. And it’s not just in San Francisco.

It took me 3 hours to go from San Mateo to Sacramento today. Distance-wise, the drive is only 2 hours in length. But because no one, except me, stays home anymore and the damn freeways haven’t been expanded to handle the current amount of traffic, as opposed to traffic patterns from 1965, I go a little but nuts while stuck in my vehicle by myself for 3 damn hours.

If I had some company inside the car, I might be a little saner. Did I mention how I’m done with going everywhere by myself? I’m tired of being independent and self-sufficient. Until I find a boyfriend who will go on adventures with me, I’m not going anywhere outside of Sacramento.

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  1. mark

    >don’t you ever wonder why we do such long commutes? I am going from a 12 minute commute to a 40 minute commute. I find that satellite radio sorta kinda helps on the long commutes. Or NPR.

    i’m organizing a jailbreak to tahiti…


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