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>We went to Grauman’s Chinese Theater a few days ago and saw the hand/feet prints as well as a few of the stars on the Walk of Fame. There are people wandering around that general area who are dressed as various characters from movies. I saw a Darth Vader wearing platform shoes. They were a good 5 inches and still the guy was short. There was also a stocky Spiderman whose costume looked more like pajamas from Wal-Mart than something you would fight crime in. My mom says that she saw a midget dressed up like Chucky the killer doll, knife and all. I kept wondering if these people were sanctioned by the theater or if they were just some randoms trying to make a buck off the tourists.

Then we went over to Beverly Hills and went looking for celebrity homes on the souvenir map to the stars homes that my dad bought. We saw Ringo Starr’s front gate and the upper portion of the house where the Osbournes lived and filmed their TV show. A couple of blocks down the hills, we see a couple walking by in their running clothes. My mom swears it was Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. Who knows, I just thought it was some typical 90210 couple.

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