>Those Pedigree commercials are killing me!

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>I don’t usually cry at commercials, but seeing those sad doggies behind bars with David Duchovny’s voice over just rips my heart up. All I want to do is watch the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and I get a little weepy each time that damn commercial comes on, which seems to be often.

Making me sad about dogs in the pound doesn’t make me want to buy Pedigree’s products. I’d seen that commercial at least 5 times if not more before I even realized what they were trying to hawk.

2 thoughts on “>Those Pedigree commercials are killing me!

  1. FreedomGirl

    >Hubs came in from the garage and I was sitting on the couch, welling up…he asked what was wrong and I said:

    “Dogs rule.”


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