>This just seems bizarre to me.

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>From SFGate.com – Pittsburg man shot dead in home invasion. Police believe editor at PC World was involved in illegal narcotics trade.

I guess you can’t judge a magazine editor by his cover?

This quote from the article is just perfect: Arar said Farrance (that’s the drug lord/editor) was a “consummate family man, always available to his wife and kids via cell phone.”

For some reason that sounds like a guy who was never at home, maybe it’s just me.

Besides, aren’t you SUPPOSED to always be available for your wife and kids? Why should he (or anyone else for that matter) get kudos for something you’re supposed to do? I took out the trash! I feed and clothe my kids! I don’t cheat on my husband! I don’t lie to my wife! Well kudos to all of you!

1 thought on “>This just seems bizarre to me.

  1. ajooja

    >That’s what I have always hated about the Promise Keepers. They want a pat on the back for something they’re supposed to do.


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