>This is why I am single

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>This is from an online profile of a guy who viewed mine:

I am a pretty good guy with old school values. I have always gone out with very attractive girls with nice bodies so I’m pretty picky about how a woman looks. I will talk to anybody, but I won’t get involved with someone I am not physically attracted to.I am a very giving person with alot to give. I like to make a woman feel the way she wants to feel, whether it’s sexual or just doing or saying things that let her know that she is special and appreciated

Could someone explain why you would date a person who you weren’t attracted to? Isn’t that just a waste of time? I can understand a woman dating a guy she might not be phsyically attracted to at first, but I thought men were physical creatures. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a straight man dating a woman he didn’t find physically attractive.

There was another guy who had this in his profile: My dream girl is one who who is caring and not afraid to show emotion… I’ve read the same sentiment in a few other profiles. Can someone show me a woman who doesn’t show emotion? There are some fictional characters who don’t show emotion, but I thought women were fairly emotional creatures. Heck, I get all misty when I find the perfect pair of jeans.

2 thoughts on “>This is why I am single

  1. Balloon Pirate

    >What gets me is when their description starts out with “My friends say I’m…”

    I don’t care what your friends say. I’m not potentially interested in dating them. Besides, it’s just what they say to your face. What do you think about you? Formulate an opinion about yourself, for crissakes!

    Now, if I read a personal that starts “My enemies say I’m…”, that might spark my interest.



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