>Things to do when in a large meeting


  • Count how many men have facial hair in the room.
  • See how long it takes for someone to notice you are staring at them.
  • Read your mental notes.
  • Wonder if the size of a person’s cup of coffee is compensating for something.
  • See how long you can hold your breath before someone notices.

4 thoughts on “>Things to do when in a large meeting

  1. Doug

    >I play “Words”. You simply use an out of place word in a comment. I would use the word “pirate” or “porky pig” etc…Has to be a serious comment or you lose points. If you can get another person to repeat the word its double points. Bonus points for size of meeting and level of attendees (management, VP’s)
    “I don’t want to sound as though I’m being porky pig but if we move forward with that plan its going to be a long haul”

  2. Nick

    >I like long meetings because usually I’m the one doing the talking and if I notice someone starting to get disinterested, I start using their name a lot even though it doesn’t have anything to do with the topic at hand. “Say, for instance JULIE had a problem with her network connection. JULIE would need to log a request… etc.” lol.

  3. SFChick74


    Doug, I like the Words game. It would be interesting to see who notices and who just goes with the flow.

    SR, Samurai Public Speaker was one of the lesser known Belushi characters.

    Nick, be careful with that tactic. Julie might think you are flirting with her.


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