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>That horrible explosion in San Bruno hits a little close to home for me. 

I lived probably a mile away from the site of the gas leak.  Many times I drove up Sneath Lane to Skyline Blvd when I had finished shopping at Tanforan.  I remember watching the fog creep over the hills and spill into the Bay.  Well, I guess those are actually mountains.  The scent of eucalyptus was always heavy in the air.

So many good times were spent with my best friend driving around the winding, cool streets of a little known peninsula town, so close to the City.

In an event like this, you can see the good in humanity rise above the chaos.  People want to help. Just look at the posts online, the people interviewed on TV.  Of course there are always those fools who take advantage of the situation to loot, but they are the exception.

My thoughts go out to all those people effected by this tragedy, which seems to be the result of PG&E’s negligence.  I wonder how many people’s seemingly innocent acts of laziness led to this event.  It makes me think of my own actions. Who knows how what we do effects others?  Little things that seem innocuous could have big results when they add up.

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