>TheKCRAChannel.com – News – Fire Rips Through Building, Prompts Evacuations

>I saw this on the news this evening. Freaky shit. I thought I heard that one of the people who called in the fire from their cell phone was put on hold. 911 is a joke in your town.

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  1. Balloon Pirate

    >This is a twofer post.

    1) It’s entirely possible that someone who called 911 about this fire was put on hold. That doesn’t mean it’s a joke.

    Think about it: Big building, lots of flames. Lots of passersby, many with cel phones. Many who do the right thing and call 911.

    911 Center is suddenly flooded with dozens of calls about a fire. At a time like this, when there’s a sudden rush of calls about something, should every 911 operator spend the time on the phone to get the sort of detail that every OTHER 911 operator is also getting? Or, perhaps, should the op put the caller on hold for a moment, check w/the supervisor to make sure this is all the same fire, and then inform concerned citizen that this situation is being addressed.

    Or, what if there are MORE callers to 911 than there are currently operators? 911 ops are taking the information down on a fire. The op knows that responders are on scene or en route. More calls come in. Is this a co-ordinated attack with more than one location? Shouldn’t they check to see what the next call is, before they continue with the information about an event they already know is being handled.

    Some 911 centers are linked with other local centers, in an effort to keep situations like this from happening, but I don’t know about Sacramento’s situation.

    I’ve never worked in this field, but I have worked in news, and I know that 911 operators have VERY SPECIFIC protocols that they need to adhere to. Otherwise, they soon find themselves as former 911 operators.

    Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a joke.

    2) Your previous post asked a question. Actually, it asked a bunch of questions, and the answer to each of them, I believe, is YES.

    I have, on occasion, given out my phone number to people on the internet, but only after I’ve made fairly extensive contact with them. Usually, it’s someone with whom I share mutual interests, and it’s just easier to talk on the phone than to keep typing.

    But, in the larger sense, how much different is this than giving out your phone number to someone you’ve met in a bar?


  2. Brian King

    >That was one knowlegable pirate response!
    Let me pose a rhetorical question:
    What if there were no rhetorical questions?


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