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>Have you ever had pictures mysteriously appear on your computer? I just noticed these pictures of flowers and New York City in my “My Pictures” folder. I scanned my computer for viruses yesterday and nothing came up. Did someone hack into my computer and leave these pictures behind? It seems a little sketchy. I do have a firewall running on my cable modem and my computer.

You know, I hate people who create computer viruses and hack into other people’s machines. How bored do you have to be to create a virus? Why don’t you just mind your own damn business and stay out of other people’s computers? Sheesh! Get a life! I mean, I might not have the most exciting lifestyle around, but at least I’m not some loser who breaks into other people’s computers or sends out viruses to piss people off! What is wrong with you people?!? Buy a puppy if you feel unloved! Help out at a battered women’s shelter if you feel un-needed! There are better energies to put out there and you are capable of it!

I need a cookie.

7 thoughts on “>Tech Support Needed

  1. christhestampede

    >Windows usually comes with some default pictures loaded onto it; mostly, I think, for you to use as a background. My default pictures included a child calling me “Mr Angry Pants” and Bill Gates giving me the finger.

  2. gigi

    >oh my god, yes, i’ve had this happen, but even weirder is the fact that i had pictures of david byrne mysteriously appear in my folder! holy jesus, it was creepy!

  3. indygirl

    >Chris’ defaults sound way cooler than mine. Mine came with flowers and NYC. Or maybe San Fran. Either way, I deleted them.

    Gigi – that was me. Sorry.

  4. Brian King

    >I have no idea why hackers do this shit other than it’s some kind of power trip.
    And now spam is showing up on comment pages? I guess it’s computer programs, right, that just randomly leave these comments? I’ve heard of entire blogs being created by programs by themselves! Scary!

  5. SFChick74

    >I think I’d be more comfortable with the little elves theory than some person invading my privacy.

    Someone has to create those programs that create the blogs. Spam is almost as bad as viruses and hackers. The creators of said items belong in the 9th circle of Hell waist deep in ice.


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