>Talk about a watched pot.

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>An odd number came across my cell phone this afternoon just when I had stopped obsessing about the cute HVAC guy. Trying to play it cool, I didn’t answer it. Plus, it could have been a wrong number and I don’t want to waste my precious airtime on someone unworthy of it.

Voicemail! Oooh! What if it’s… Crap. It was a gal from an employment agency checking to see if I’m still in the market for a job.

I guess that’s a sign that it’s time to learn from my mistakes and move on.

2 thoughts on “>Talk about a watched pot.

  1. Doug

    >I don’t think this can be officially classified as a “sign”. Unless the employment gal was the HVAC guy’s mother.
    Nice “watched pot” title. While the content is always fresh and fun to read, the headlines sometimes remind me of……HVAC guy’s mother. Actually a cool amusing contrast.
    Looking forward to a title which includes “Shenanigans or Slacks”.


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