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>Some kids got arrested the other day because they were going to shoot some other kids they had a beef with at McClatchy High School. The local media is giving the story a feeling as though it was going to be another campus rampage. The reality is that this was a gang related incident. Does the media mention that? Sort of. Click on the video on the right to hear about the 15 year old being an alleged gang member.

Plus it’s also a case of parents not being good parents. I mean a 13 year old who has a gun? That kid certainly didn’t drive over to Wal-Mart and pick it up himself. Clearly it’s Lord of the Flies at your house.

2 thoughts on “>Talk about spin

  1. Psst, it's me!

    >You are so right! I saw that on the news earlier today, and there was no talk about it being gang related at all. Gang related or not, it’s still disturbing.

  2. SFChick74

    >The video on the CBS 13 site BRIEFLY mentions that the 15 year old kid was an alleged gang member. They are totally trying to play off the fear of what happened at Virgina Tech and it pisses me off.


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