>Talk about an inconvenient truth

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I am not going to work if it’s going to snow. According to the Weather channel, it might snow tomorrow morning. Don’t believe me? Please see the screen shot on the left.

More bad news, it’s looking like I might have to report for jury duty. They’ve been stringing me along for two days now. “Check back tomorrow group #90210 Check back tomorrow group #90210”

Hopefully, I’ll find out tomorrow afternoon if I have to wade through the drifting snow to tell the criminals that they are guilty.

Seriously though, aren’t all people who get arrested pretty much guilty? I don’t think I can honestly listen to both sides and give a fair verdict.

4 thoughts on “>Talk about an inconvenient truth

  1. FreedomGirl

    >Make sure you let them(the court) know you feel that way…you’ll get dismissed fershur. I once told a prosectutor I could spot a guilty person, *Snapped my fingers*, like that. I was sent home promptly. I love doing my civic duty.


  2. SFChick74

    >I really hope I get dismissed. The damn case is supposed to take a month! Maybe the criminal will change his plea to guilty and save the tax payers some money.


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