>Take this Job and Shove It, Again.

>I spoke with my supervisor to find out how long it would be before she decided on a permanent hire. She told me it would probably not happen until after they move to the new offices…in MID JULY.

Fine. I go to lunch. I’m sitting in the break room eating my Chinese Chicken Salad when the Office Manager “suggests” that I send out an email to everyone thanking them for celebrating my birthday yesterday saying that it would be a good way to network and introduce myself to the office. She expected me to send out an email to the whole floor thanking them for taking time out of their busy schedules to eat free pie.

She also said, “You know your supervisor arranged the pie.” Like I’m so uncouth as to not thank someone who provided the free pie on my behalf… This is why I hate working with a bunch of women. There is always ALWAYS at least one or two getting into other people’s business. Leave me alone! I’m here to work not freaking thank everyone every time they descend upon the break room for free pastry.

Basically, I came home and called the personnel agency that got me the job. I told them I can’t wait until mid July for a decision and that I have an interview tomorrow that I don’t want to miss because of the temp job.

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